Durable Ball Dog Toy | Dispenses Treats

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Blue Buddy Ball. Its smart sawtooth grip holds rows of your dog's favorite treats. Just load the rubber ball up and let your dog interact and play! Its superior design attracts your puppy toward the ball to grab, chew, play, and make mischief with it. The tough rubber ball is bite resistant and designed to move around easily, which ensures your pup buddy will be entertained and occupied for a while.

Keep your pup buddy busy with this ball while doing anything important for yourself! Blue Buddy is also perfect for a fun game of fetch at home or the dog park.

Incorporate Blue Buddy into your routine and let your pup buddy sniff, chew, and explore their world of happiness.

Advantages of Blue Buddy 

  • Blue Buddy keeps your pup buddy busy for a while.
  • The play ball holds your dog's favorite treat very easily.
  • Its elegant design attracts your dog or puppy to play with it.
  • Blue Buddy is a bite-resistant, tough rubber ball that will move around easily to ensure your pup buddy is entertained for a while.
  • It comes in two sizes: small or large

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