Giving Back

We respect our customer's voices as much as we love dogs! Our company will donate 5% of its net profits at the end of each year, and together we can help save more dogs from shelters.  

Each year, 7.6 million companion animals are surrendered to shelters. 4.2 million dogs are put down. Animals do not have a voice, social safety net, or rights under the law. Unfortunately, they are more vulnerable than we would like them to be and mistreated more frequently than we think.

To function, shelters and rescue operations for animals need community donations. Many animal shelters do not have the funds to care for sick and injured animals. Sadly, about 80% of the euthanized animals are either healthy or could be treated in preparation for adoption into a new home. And bully breeds and senior dogs are on the top of the kill list, and we love all dogs!

Shelters need food, bedding, and other supplies. Many animals require medical attention, spaying/neutering, and veterinarian care. Our annual donation will help care for abandoned dogs until their forever families adopt them! We think animal charities can make a difference with incentives and financial contributions.

With our annual donation, our customer community helps dogs around the world in the following ways:

Buying Toys

Yes, a simple toy can lift the spirits of dogs and make them feel loved. Toys that are approved for dogs should always be safe. Our donation will help to buy safe toys for them, and where the selected charities desire, we can provide our Blue Buddy


Dogs require soft places to sleep, so blankets and comfortable dog beds are essential for shelter animals. Donating can help shelters to buy such things that are essential for bedding.


A dog's safe place is essential for their psychology, and a den is sometimes a crate that provides this shelter and privacy. Rescue and shelter programs often use dog crates for comfort, safety, transport, and many other reasons. 

Heating pads

Shelters are often given a whole litter of puppies, or litters are born onsite. Each litter can be anywhere from 1 to 12 new animals at a time! Heating pads are perfect for keeping puppies warm and, over time, help save millions of puppies worldwide. 


Shelters require lots of dog food to provide for all the hungry dogs they serve! Donating food and delicious treats requires money!

Cleaning Supplies

To keep shelters clean, their staff need lots of cleaning products. Newspapers, paper towels, and cleaning soap are all regularly required. These types of donations are vital to buying such cleaning supplies and services.

By the end of the calendar year, we will email all customers who purchased from HushPup and have not opted out of receiving our communication. Each verified customer will be allowed one vote from our team's pre-selected list of rescue organizations. We will then award the organizations a donation in proportion to the votes received.