Please find your user manual here 

Why does my collar just keep going off randomly from other sounds?

This may happen if your collar is not properly positioned around your dog’s neck with the collar box aligned directly under its mouth, the sensitivity level may be set too high, and/or the collar may not be firm enough around your dog’s neck (you always need to be able to fit two fingers between the collar box prongs and your dog's skin to avoid irritation).  

Why does the collar not activate when my dog barks?

First, test the collar response by blowing with moderate force into the back of the collar box. This should cause the collar to beep.  If the collar does not beep please increase the sensitivity level and then consider an adjustment to the collar size around your dog's neck.  

Why does my collar beep but not vibrate?

The collar may require a full charge which is at least 2 consecutive hours. 

Why does the collar go off when my dog doesn't bark?

The sensitivity level is set too high.

My dog barks through the sounds and vibrations, what do I do?

Increase the sensitivity level one level at a time to test your dog's reaction and make sure your collar is properly fitted around your dog’s neck.  If this is not effective then it is not caused by a defective product, but rather it is related to your dog's unique habit and/or personality.  Our no shock anti-bark dog collar is effective for 95% of dogs, but there is a small case of dog’s where this product will not be effective for them.  In this outlier case we recommend contacting a local professional dog trainer to help you as 100% of dog’s are coachable with the right support and patience.  

Is it normal for the collar to beep at random and/or without any bark?

The sensitivity level may be set too high, and/or the collar may not be firm enough around your dog’s neck, or the collar may need a full battery charge.  

Is this no shock collar safe for my dog?

Yes. Please read the manual carefully for your unique pet’s safety.

What do we do if the collar puts out very little vibrations even with a new battery or fresh charge?

The vibration automatically increases from the 2nd to 7th bark and then stops to allow for a break to avoid stress on your dog.  The no shock bark collar automatically functions as follows: